Comprehensive Dry Ice Blasting Services

At ALPHA we set the standard for dry ice blasting services in Auckland, New Zealand and Internationally.

During ice blasting cleaning we use a unique combination of forces to lift surface contaminants without causing damage or creating harmful by-products.


Ice blasting is a far superior alternative to using abrasive products to grind surfaces clean.

Our dry ice blasting services prepare and clean surfaces using dry ice that is accelerated at supersonic speeds.  This method cleans items that would normally not be possible to restore, in a very environmentally friendly way, from smoke-damaged books to on-site multi-million dollar production equipment.

Dry ice blasting cleaning is most effective at removing asbestos, black mold from leaky buildings, and smoke damage from residential, commercial, and industrial sites. 

We are specialists in the safe removal of toxic black mold, or stachybotrys, an environmental hazard that can be very harmful to humans. Eliminating black mold using dry ice blasting requires a full bio-hazmat plan, so it is essential that any black mould cleaning is performed under the most stringent and expert supervision.

Alpha Demolitions founder JC John is uniquely qualified for Demolition and asbestos removal and is a co-founder and committee board member of the New Zealand Asbestos Advisory Group (NZAAG).

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